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Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 2

Here is the second volume of the world's premier annual showcase of international manga. Bursting with energy and imagination, the collection features the most exciting new work by the brightest young talents in the field. Over 500 pages long (now with 64 pages in full colour), the anthology showcases more than twenty new stories, complete and unabridged - in every genre you can think of, and quite a few more besides. True-to-life drama, sci-fi parable, medieval fantasy, updated Chinese myth, historical, romance, time-travel, comedy, horror, funny animal and sometimes all of it happening at once! Many expand on the limited popular conception of 'big-eyed' manga in original and unexpected ways - homegrown stories that speak directly to western audiences.


When Ilya put together the first Mammoth Book of Best New Manga last year he told us in an interview on the FPI Blog that he hoped it would become successful enough to become an annual anthology, similar to the publisher’s well-known SF and Horror collections and that it would offer such a diverse range of material from global creators (including a number of gifted UK creators, such as Asia Alfasi) that it would offer an accessible entry into the genre for readers not overly familiar with manga. I’m not a huge manga reader myself, but Ilya was do enthusiastic about it when he spoke to us that it persuaded me to read the first volume and I’m really glad I did. As with all anthologies you are going to like some stories more than others, but you are pretty likely to find a lot you like here and maybe it will open new doors to you to new creators and types of comics you may not have thought of reading before, which is the wonderful thing about these sorts of collections. And at this price for so much it is a total bargain; if you like manga you need this, if you haven’t dabbled then it is the perfect introduction.


Constable Robinson, paperback, 544 pages, published October 2007


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