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Mad Night, Featuring Judy Drood, Girl Detective

Richard Sala
Richard Sala
Gothic horror, madcap comedy, and an old-fashioned murder mystery coalesce perfectly in this chilling graphic novel. This book collects "Reflections in a Glass Scorpion" from Evil Eye #1-12. In Mad Night, his follow-up to The Chuckling Whatsit, Sala follows ace detective Judy Drood and her reluctant companion Kasper Keene as they try to unravel a string of mysterious occurrences and heinous murders in the usually tranquil Lone Mountain College.

What is the sinister secret of Professor Massimo Ibex? How are the (literal) puppet mistress Aunt Azalea and her bevy of beauteous pirate girls involved? Where does the lithping, er, lisping, corrupt cop Pinch fit in? And what exactly is the significance of the Glass Scorpion?

Sala's superbly elegant, shadowy draftsmanship and wittily spooky storytelling make Mad Night a wonderful romp for fans of gothic horror - part Dario Argento (stabbings! eye-gougings! decapitations!), part Edward Gorey (eerie creatures of the night! sinister alleyways!), but all fun from the first page to the last.

Fantagraphics, paperback , 232 pages, published November 2005


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