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Lucifer's Garden of Verses Volume 2 - Darlin' Niki

Lance Tooks
Lance Tooks
 Finally a paperback edition of this unusual graphic novel entry. Niki has been turned out into the street by her wealthy philanthropist father. She seeks forgiveness and tries to crash his party, a massive family banquet in his honour. Niki, a wilful first-born teenager is unable to abide by her father's strict and often contradictory rules.

Her father spends a lot time and money helping others, yet refuses to forgive his daughter for some long forgotten indiscretion. He loves her still, but considers her to be too much trouble, perhaps forgetting that she is as he made her.

"Grade: A-. Tooks' art is very simple and unaffected, flowing like jazz through the intimate moments of the story. Good stuff.", Marc Mason.

"The world he draws is an appealing one, its sassy denizens rendered with energy." - Publishers Weekly.

NBM, paperback, 80 pages, published November 2005


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