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Lost Colony Book Two: the Red Menace

Grady Klein
Grady Klein

In The Red Menace, the much-awaited second instalment of The Lost Colony series (after the Snodgrass Conspiracy), the beloved and not-so-beloved islanders confront war profiteering, the Native American Wars, and other unwelcome visitors to their hidden realm.


Grady Klein cooks up a fresh serving of shocks and delights in this one-of-a-kind take on American history. Along with magic potions, stage tricks, and farting contests, be prepared for tragedy, controversy, and even shameful secrets. And of course, plenty of reasonably priced merchandise.


It's wintertime on the island, and The Lost Colony explodes with intrigue in a chilly palette of pastel shades, splashed with patriotic red, white, and blue. In this continuing feast for your eyes and mind, human nature plays out in all its grim hypocrisy and hilarious contradiction—and just like most things on the island, The Red Menace itself isn't what it seems.


"A zany cast of slaves, ex-slaves, capitalists, opportunists, inventors, and just plain regular folk lead the way through his colourful and delightful tale. . ." VOYA on The Lost Colony: Book 1.



First Second, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2007


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