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Lost Colony Book 1: the Snodgrass Conspiracy

Grady Klein
Grady Klein

A mysterious island, unknown to the rest of the world, in nineteenth century America. Its citizens: a colourful and outrageous band of capitalists, inventors, hucksters and freemen, who jealously guard the island's fantastic wealth from the prying fingers of the outside world, even as they attempt to conceal its captivating secrets from one another.

The ingredients are gathered for The Lost Colony, a boiling concoction of slavery, patriotism, religion and greed. A warning however, to readers young and old: this is an addictive new series you've stumbled onto. The Lost Colony's self contained world teems with endearing and memorable characters, whose foibles speak to America's own historical struggles with its demons.

Skilfully crafted, richly illustrated in almost edible colour (Klein has a background in animation and it shows in his flowing artwork), and always hilarious, The Lost Colony may soon feel like home... and you might never want to leave.

First Second Books, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2006 


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