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Look-In : the Best of the Seventies Hardcover


"Look-in", aka "Junior TV Times", was the essential subscription for children growing up in Britain in the 1970s. It offered behind-the-scenes glimpses of their favourite TV shows, interviews with stars, pin-ups and TV spin-off picture-strip adventures.


With exciting instalments of "Black Beauty", "The Six Million Dollar Man", and "Sapphire and Steele", hilarious "Robin's Nest", "On The Buses" and "Please Sir!" picture strips, features on "TisWas," "Junior Show Time" and "How", an exclusive Roger Moore interview and pin-up and much, much more, this compulsive book takes you back to a time when we had three TV channels, we listened to LPs and singles on our record players, our crackly transistors were tuned to 275/285m Medium Wave for Radio 1, and the Bionic Man could have all that work done for a mere $6m.


Picture Strips including: Black Beauty; Please Sir! On the Buses; Catweazle; Potty Time; Man About the House; The Tomorrow People; Abba; Flintlock; The Bionic Woman; The Six Million Dollar Man; Sapphire and Steel; Benny Hill.; TV Features including: Magpie; Timeslip; Follyfoot; How; Pardon My Genie; Ace of Wands; Saturday Scene Stars; Space 1999; The Worlds of Gerry Anderson.; Star pin-ups and interviews including: Roger Moore; Marc Bolan; Lena Zavaroni.; Sport including: Geoff Hurst; On the Ball England vs Scotland. Plus news, competitions, readers letters and advertisements.


Prion Books, hardback, 144 pages, published September 2007


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