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Little Things : a Memoir in Slices

Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown

Little Things is a collection of autobiographical short stories from beloved comics artist Jeffrey Brown, author of the critically acclaimed graphic memoir Clumsy. Drawn with the trademark scratchy simplicity that has made Brown's name in the comics world - catching the attention of everyone from Ira Glass to USA Today - the stories show how the smallest and seemingly most insignificant parts of our everyday lives can end up becoming some of the most meaningful.

Funny and poignant, they deal with every aspect of daily life - friendship, illness, death, work, crushes, love, jealousy, car crashes, and even fatherhood-through the specific lens of the life of Jeffrey Brown that has made his many fans fall in love with him. Life leads him to meet a cute girl at a rock show and struggle with Crohn's disease. Experience the thrill of discovering a new band, and pulling shifts at Barnes & Noble. As each story loops into others, Little Things brings meaning to the parallels and connections in our lives and those close to us, which we overlook in the day to day, and day after day.

Touchstone, paperback, 352 pages, published April 2008


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