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Little Nothings Volume 2 : the Prisoner Syndrome

Lewis Trondheim
Lewis Trondheim

More of the acclaimed comics blog musings of one of the greatest comic artists alive today, author of Dungeon, A.L.I.E.E.E.N. and Mr. O. The Onion called the first collection ‘a hoot’ and the Washington Post thought them “beautifully scribbled strips center[ing] on such existential hiccups as extreme self-doubt, spontaneous superstitions and unjustified paranoia.”

"Trondheim appears determined to guarantee himself a place on everyone’s Best Of lists on an annual basis. Everything about the strips, the humor, the coloring, the observations about our cultural standards, is warm and inviting. Trondheim’s self-effacing wit remains strong. Little Nothings has become the most welcome, positive and anticipated book of the year. Trondheim’s established himself as one of the world’s great cartoonists, and this volume can only grow the legions of fans he’d earned around the world." Newsarama.


NBM, paperback, 128 pages, published April 2009


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