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Listening Agent Hardcover

Whether he’s contemplating the emotional state of the last pickle in the jar or detailling his four-year-old son’s new business of running a fashionable East London tattoo parlour, there’s definitely something different about Joe Decie’s tales of everyday life.

In this new collection of half-embellished tales, Decie takes a sideways look at everything from shopping malls to identity theft and reveals the strange challenges (and stranger rewards) of parenthood. In this volume, Decie’s son competes with his father for centre stage and stars in some of the cartoonist’s funniest and most touching strips yet.

If you’re still yet to join the legion of readers around the world who have fallen in love with Joe Decie’s left-field wit and beautiful ink-washed art, The Listening Agent is the perfect opportunity to see one of Britain’s brightest new comic stars at work. Don’t miss out.

Joe Decie’s lovely, understated comics about everyday domestic life sway seamlessly, and joyfully, from the mundane into the absurd and then back home again” -John Porcellino, King Cat Comics.


Blank Slate Books, hardback, 56 pages, published July 2013


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