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Life's A Bitch: the Bitchy Bitch Chronicles

Roberta Gregory
Roberta Gregory
Roberta Gregory's Bitchy character has been a hit in various media and languages, appearing in newspaper strips, comic books and even an animated TV show, not forgetting stage adaptations and has been translated into French, German, Spanish and Swedish, so we're talking serious international, cross-media appeal here. She is, as her creator says "perpetually one year older than me" (although not her alter ego!).

Midge McCracken (Bitchy's real name) is well versed on what's going on around her but is often too bitter and cynical to do anything about her own situation or the world around her. Cynical and damned funny, this collects the first half of the Bitchy Bitch storyline, from embarrassing recollections of hippie free-love days (and a subsequent) traumatic abortion to holiday romance fiascos. The collection also includes a bonus in the form of a brand-new chapter dealing with the death of Bitchy's father.

Fantagraphics, paperback, 240 Pages, published June 2005


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