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The Lego Batman Movie The Batwing

See Batman and Robin at the wheel of the Batwing and switch to flight mode. But be careful! Harley Quinn ™ shoots with her quick fire cannon to scare you away. Fire the shooter with spring mechanism and the headlights. Then flip the wings into land mode and get out of the batwing to get into action. The streets of the city. Get the car out of the tail of the batwing!

- Includes three minifigures: Batman ™, Robin ™ and Harley Quinn ™
- The Batwing has a hinged double-cockpit cockpit with a clear-yellow windshield,  Rotating boosters, adjustable wings that swing into flight or land mode, two shooters, Spring mechanism, two headlights, a hinged rear loading area for a small car (with seat for one Minifigure) as well as transparent lighting elements.
- Harleys cannon is equipped with a six-shot speed shooter and two wheels
- The equipment consists of Batmans Batarang and Harley Quinn's circular hammer
- The accessories include the cloaks of Batman ™ and Robin as well as Batman's equipment harness and Harley Quinns Tutu
- The batwing is approximately 15 cm high in flight mode, 31 cm long and 48 cm wide - and in country mode about 9 cm high, 31 cm
  Long and 53 cm wide
- The car is about 2.5 cm high, 5 cm long and 3 cm wide
- Harleys cannon is about 6 cm high, 8 cm long and 4 cm wide

1053 Parts
Age recommendation: 9 - 14 years








The Lego Batman Movie


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