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Legends Of Percevan Volume 3 : The Shadow Of Malicorne Hardcover

Philipe Luguy

Percevan is a brave and noble knight in the service of the king. In his adventures he has made many friends and many enemies. He has treated with powerful wizards, rescued a beautiful princess, and been the salvation of an entire kingdom. Now an ancient magic has been reawakened, and Percevan shall be one of its first victims!


In order to save him, his trusted companions, and others whose loyalty is less certain, must unravel long-lost magical secrets and defeat warriors who cannot be killed. Such is the legend of Percevan… This volume of the Legends of Percevan collects three stories: "The Keys of Fire,” “The Infernal Knights,” and “The Emerald Table”, written by Léturgie and Jean and Xavier Fauche, with art by Philipe Luguy.


Fantasy Flight, hardback, 160 pages, published Janaury 2010


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