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Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener

Our GeekLabs team sent some valiant hamsters into our local sacred grove to procure these for our warehouse. They came back muttering about an evil gerbil named Ganon and doing the Hampster Dance, which, you know, well, it's evil in itself. Good thing they had the Master Sword to keep them out of trouble.

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener: it seals the darkness and opens your mail. Draw it forth from its pedestal to wield its power, hero. With its holy power awakened in the presence of evil, we have to assume that it's going to glow blue when it senses a lot of junk mail or political flyers, but we haven't tested that bit yet.

Product Specifications
Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener
Officially-licensed Legend of Zelda merchandise
A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
Seals the darkness and opens your mail
Perfect for fans of LoZ who still get snail mail (which is all of us, right?)
You could probably also use it on cat grass, but no rupees guaranteed
Materials: Metal letter opener with resin pedestal
Dimensions: 3 3/4"  wide x 2 7/8" deep x 7" tall on display; 6 3/4" long letter opener
Includes letter opener and display stand
Ages 14+



Video Games

7" Tall


The Legend of Zelda

Letter Opener

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Due in our Warehouse
Wednesday 31 October, 2018