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Legend of Zelda Foam Master Sword

To obtain the legendary Master Sword in any of the Zelda games, you first must prove your worthiness. When we moved in a few months ago, we planted a Deku Sprout in the middle of the warehouse, and now it's grown into a Not-Quite-Great Deku Sapling, our little warehouse guardian. The warehouse monkey have installed a tire swing, but they haven't yet been able to pull the Master Sword from the bins underneath its branches.

Will you be the first customer worthy of wielding this legendary weapon? This foam recreation of the Master Sword comes in an inch shy of 3 feet long and only 8 ounces in weight. As a foam sword, it's perfect when you need to fight mattresses or frappuccinos, and makes a perfect cosplay weapon for all the Links out there.



Video Games

35" Long


The Legend of Zelda

Prop Replica

£19.99  £17.9910 %

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Wednesday 31 October, 2018

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