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League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Absolute Edition 2 Hardcover

Alan Moore
Kevin O'Neill

The critically-acclaimed second volume of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen special treatment it deserves with this gorgeously collectable Absolute Edition with two separate hardback books of 224 pages each.

The first volume collects the six-part miniseries, leading on directly from the events of LOEG volume one. The object seen falling from the skies was the first of the Martian invasion force landing in Victorian Britain. The League are dispatched by British Intelligence to investigate this strange, new threat, but as the Martian war machines slaughter the troops sent to stop them will our Extraordinary heroes fare any better?

Once again Moore mixes in a variety of period literature references, most obviously Well's classic War of the Worlds, but also a number of others (keep you eyes peeled for a very unusual Rupert Bear!) which will take several readings to spot.

Also included in this first book is an Almanac of Fantastic Places. The second hardback offers Moore's entire script for the series along with previously unpublished artwork by Kevin O'Neil, affording an unusual insight into the creative processl. All in all a highly desirable and collectable edition for any reader - an extraordinary edition!

DC, slipcased hardback,  448 pages (total), published June 2005


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