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Le Morte D'Arthur

John Matthews
Will Sweeney

This faithful reworking of Sir Thomas Malory’s chivalric masterpiece introduces the young Arthur and charts his rise to power as King of all Britain and the formation of his Knights of the Round Table. Aided by the legendary wizard Merlin, Arthur must unite the kingdoms of Britain under his banner and take on adventures that will take him closer to his destiny and a danger caused by those he loves and trusts most.

An epic, first published in Britain over 500 years ago, that has become part of the great British myth of the once and future king (directly influencing TH White and John Boorman’s among many others) now becomes a graphic novel, making the centuries old lines accessible to a modern audience, adapted by John Matthews and Will Sweeney.

SelfMadeHero, paperback, 144 pages, published March 2011


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