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Land of Silver Rain Volume 2

Mira Lee
Mira Lee

A must-read classic, Land of Silver Rain will be treasured by every true romantic for its striking illustrations and timeless love story that unfolds in two contrasting worlds of fantasy and reality.


This is a heart-wrenching love story of a human girl and a prince of the Dokebi land. Abandoned by her human parents on a cabbage field, Silver Rain is saved and raised by a witch from the land of Dokebis, ghost-like, spiritual beings found in Korean folklore.


She grows up believing that she is a dokebi, but the magic spell that has disguised her breaks and her true identity is revealed when she is framed by her jealous rival, Wild Thorn.


She is then deported to Earth to live among humans, when Prince Sirius from the unicorn kingdom becomes involved in her story by accident. This will tug at the hearts of women and men alike.


Netcomics, paperback, 184 pages, published May 2006


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