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La Muse

Adi Tantimedh
Hugo Petrus

Discover the graphic novel that Alan Moore calls "Stylish, sexy, and intelligent!" When political activist Susan la Muse becomes the most famous woman on Earth, she decides to use her fame and superpowers to change the world. This means a lot of people want to kill her - which is harder than they think!


La Muse started off on the Big Head Press website as a serial and rapidly became one of my favourite comics series of the last year, taking old superhero and action cliches and having great fun twisting them into weird shapes, along the way making great satirical sideswipes at our obsession with celebrity culture, body image, generic stereotypes, religion, sex and more. All this and a neo-nazi, bisexual gangbang to calm some bad guys instead of a fist-fight! You don't see that in Wonder Woman... Adi Tantimedh spoke to the FPI blog about this series and his other work in comics and film, which you can read here. A refreshing pleasure in the face of so many predicatable capes and tights works.


Fast, stylish, sexy, intelligent and above all, contemporary, the purveyors of today’s sprawling superhero culture would do well to read Adi Tantimedh and Hugo Petrus’ LA MUSE and learn how to do these things properly. A genuinely accomplished, imaginative and original piece of work,” Alan Moore.


Big Head press, paperback, 224 pages, published December 2008




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