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La Esperança Volume 1

Chigusa Kawai
Chigusa Kawai

Georges Saphir is an excellent student and well-liked by everyone at his school. However, his fear of intimacy with others keeps him from forging any truly close bonds. Suddenly, he encounters a new student named Robert, a misfit who seems to be both repelled and fascinated by Georges. Robert's insightful yet incisive words force Georges to realize things about him self and they are somehow drawn towards each other.

But a dangerous incident in a ancient, crumbling cathedral involving the son of the Grand Duke Argent could prove to be a turning point, and Georges and Robert are drawn ever closer. However, an upperclassman who seems to share a tragic past with Robert warns Georges of the danger that Robert poses, revealing that Georges is the perfect image of the girl whom Robert once loved and whose death he may have caused.

DMP, paperback, 192 pages, published Deccember 2005


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