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Kull Volume 2 : the Hate Witch

David Lapham
Gabriel Guzman

David Lapham pits Robert E. Howard's original barbarian king against a terrifying magical foe from his doomed homeland of Atlantis. The Hate Witch has waited from the beginning of time for a great man of uncertain destiny whom she can use to bring about the destruction of civilization. She believes that King Kull is that man, and has launched an all-out assault on


Valusia, slaughtering its people, in an attempt to draw him to her seat of power -- the wilds of Atlantis! Kull will have to return to his savage origins if he wants to hold onto the throne in Valusia, and save it from civil war! Collecting issues #1 to #4 of the miniseries,  written by David Lapham, penciled by Gabriel Guzman, inked by Mariano Talbo, coloured by Dan Jackson, cover by Tom Fleming.


Dark Horse, paperback, 104 pages, published July 2011


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