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Korgi Book 2 : the Cosmic Collector

Christian Slade
Christian Slade

The Cosmic Collector is the second volume in the critically acclaimed, all-ages graphic novel series, Korgi. In this volume, things are not going too well in Korgi Hollow. While a mysterious hunter has trapped and clipped the wings off of many mollies, Ivy and Sprout search for answers in the surrounding woods - but they may be facing something that is totally out of this world! Korgi is a truly gorgeously illustrated woodland fantasy perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien or Andy Runton – use the kids as an excuse to buy it for, then read it yourself, its lovely!

"Once you pick up Korgi, if you have a heart, you will not be able to put it down or stop going 'That’s so cute!!!'" The Beat,

"In many ways, Korgi is a prime example of how to handle an all-ages book. With just the right level of surprise and adventure, it’s determined to hook older readers just as quickly as children." Greg McElhatton, Read about Comics

Top Shelf, paperback, 88 pages, published August 2008


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