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Kochi Wanaba Hardcover

Jamie Smart
Jamie Smart
Kochi Wanaba is a quiet kid who loves nothing more than to draw secrets in his sketchbook. When the day of the annual Bee Festival falls upon his town, Kochi’s loud, hyperactive girlfriend Lhys can barely contain herself. Unfortunately for Kochi, tolerating Lhys’ excitement becomes the least of his problems as supernatural chaos breaks out all around them, threatening to change their lives forever.
Featuring a foul-mouthed cast of misfit school kids discovering how badly wrong friendship can go, events spin horrifically out of control as reality as they know it is turned upside down. Rendered in Jamie Smart’s characteristic illustration style that straddles the cute and the grotesque, Kochi Wanaba is a pencil-drawn graphic novel that combines all-out comedy with genuine, captivating emotional range. Kochi Wanaba is filled with mysteries that must be read to be decoded. What lies behind this madness? What is the hidden significance of the festival? Why does Kochi attract so many bugs?
Blank Slate Books, hardback, 128 pages, published November 2013


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