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Killtopia Volume 1

Dave Cook
Craig Paton

Scottish writer Dave Cook spent the best part of a decade as an award-winning games journalist before setting up his comics label Card Shark Comics. He is the creator of the Dark Souls-inspired fantasy saga Vessels and post-apocalyptic road trip series Bust. Artist Craig Paton is a professional illustrator working on video games and movies.

Killtopia is a cyberpunk graphic novel series set in a mega-city in future Japan, where heavily-armed Wreckers are paid to hunt rogue mechs for money, fame and glory. Rookie Wrecker Shinji and Crash, the world's first sentient mech, as they are hunted as fugitives across the neon-soaked metropolis by Wreckers, android killers and Yakuza gangs. Shinji wants to save his sister. Crash wants to be more than a machine. They both want to make it out alive.

BHP Comics, paperback, 48 pages, published August 2018



Science Fiction




JUL183286 TURN 9781910775172

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