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Kick-Ass 2 Prelude : Hit-Girl Romita Cover

Mark Millar
John Romita Jr

Mindy McCready has mastered a hundred ways to kill a man. Her father, the super hero known as Big Daddy, made sure of that. She’s used her skills to wipe out mobsters, super villains and more. So why does facing the popular girls at middle school feel like her toughest challenge yet? With Big Daddy now gone, Hit-Girl tries her hardest to make good on a “normal” life with her mom and stepdad.

So she strikes a deal with fledgling super hero Kick-Ass: she’ll train him to stay alive, if he’ll teach her how to fit in with the other girls at school. But with a new Mafia don on the rise, being normal may just have to wait. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. pull back the curtain on Hit-Girl, the world’s deadliest 12-year-old, in this prelude to Kick-Ass 2! Collecting Hit-Girl issues #1-5, written by Mark Millar, with art and a cover by John Romita Jr.

Marvel, paperback, 136 pages, published July 2013


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