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Kampung Boy


Here begins Lat’s Kampung Boy series, a timeless favourite of millions of readers in Southeast Asia, available at last to English language readers. With masterful economy worthy of Charles Schultz, Lat recounts the life of Mat, a Muslim boy growing up in rural Malaysia in the 1950s: his adventures and mischief-making, fishing trips, religious education, and work on his family’s rubber plantation.


Meanwhile, the traditional way of life in his village (or kampung) is steadily disappearing, with tin mines and factory jobs increasingly overtaking the village’s agricultural way of life. When Mat himself leaves for boarding school, he can only hope that his familiar kampung will still be there when he returns.


The first in a delightful series, Kampung Boy is hilarious and affectionate, with brilliant, super-expressive artwork that opens a window into a world that has now nearly vanished.


"Sweet, funny, and brilliantly of the all-time great cartoon books.” Matt Groening, Animation God and creator of the Simpsons and Futurama. Hey, if Matt Groening says this is damned fine stuff then that’s good enough for us, we’re there!


First Second Books, paperback, 144 pages, published September 2006


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