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Kabuki Volume 1 Hardcover

David Mack
David Mack

Finally back in hardcover after ten years! The very first Kabuki volume ever. The foundation of the Kabuki story. The origin. The very beginning of this critically acclaimed series. The HC readers are missing from their Kabuki hardcover collections. And the perfect book for brand-new Kabuki readers to begin with. T


he last time this volume was in hardcover was more than ten years ago, and it sold out quickly. Since then, readers have been searching for this Volume 1 hardcover to complete their collections. This prestige hardcover delivers with a whopping 272 pages and extra features. All elegantly collected in a high-end hardcover with an embossed cover, watermarked end pages, a book mark, a dust jacket with all-new cover art and introduction by comics legend Jim Steranko.


Marvel, hardback, 272 pages, published September 2010


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