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Junji Ito's Dissolving Classroom

Junji Ito
Junji Ito
A new collection of horrific tales from the master of Japanese horror manga, Junji Ito. Detailing the depths at which a teen will go to get revenge on the world, Dissolving Classroom is J-Horror at its most beautifully grotesque. Teenager Yuma Azawa transfers to a new high school but something strange seems to have followed him there. Is it a curse? Or is he cursing those who have been putting him down? Dissolving Classroom collects seven new short horror stories from Japan’s master of horror comics Junji Ito. 
Vertical Inc, paperback, 202 pages, published February 2017 




Vertical Inc


Dissolving Classroom

NOV161967 TURN 9781942993858

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