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Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 3

John Wagner

All of future iron lawman Judge Dredd's adventures are being collected in chronological order - complete and uncut! The perfect chance for newer readers to enjoy the earliest tales of Britain's top comics character and for old hands to relish the glory days. This series is going to build into a must-have library.


"Foolssss - you cannot kill what doesssss not live..."


This volume covers 2000 AD Progs #116 through to #154 and includes the first appearance of Judge Death, a warped Judge from a dimension where he worked out all crime was committed by the living so made life itself a crime - now he comes to judge Mega City One and almost by accident set himself up as one of the series' favourite villains of all time. This story also introduces one of Dredd's other favourite - and long-running - characters in Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson (and don't we love Brian Bolland's art!).

Rebellion, paperback, 288 pages, published April 2006


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