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Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 1

John Wagner

All of future lawman Judge Dredd's adventures are being collected in chronological order - complete and uncut! Holy Drokk, perps, Lawgiver to heatseeker! The perfect book to read as you have your Munce-burger, citizens. This large first volume covers 2000 AD progs #2 to #60 (Dredd, although now the biggest character, didn't appear in the first issue).

This is sheer class, right from Dredd's first appearance in issue 2 of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic and includes his showdown with his clone brother Rico and the first big story-arc, Robot Wars. Art comes from Carlos Ezquerra (who is largely responsible for visualising Dredd), Mike McMahon (before he became obsessed with making every character's boots huge!), Ian (Robo Hunter) Gibson, Brian Bolland, John Cooper and the terrific Massimo Belardinelli (who would later do Ace Trucking), while the writers include John Wagner, Pat Mills and Kelvin Gosnell among others. 2000 AD and British comics at their early best here, laying down the foundations of the most popular British comics character ever.

Rebellion, paperback, 336 pages, published February 2006




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