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Judge Dredd : The Cursed Earth Saga

Pat Mills
Brian Bolland

Mega-City One, 2100. A deadly plague developed during the brutal ‘Great Germ War’ has reached the futuristic metropolis of Mega- City Two, located on the West Coast of the USA. Charged with delivering a life-saving vaccine to the citizens of the disease-ridden city, Judge Dredd and a small crew of Judges, war droids and the lawbreaking biker, Spikes Harvey Rotten, must travel a thousand miles across the radioactive wasteland known as ‘the Cursed Earth.’

It is a near-impossible journey – hate-filled mutants, rampaging monsters and crazed war robots populate the hellish stretch of terrain. Many men have attempted to cross it and most have failed. But Judge Dredd is the best there is! One of the finest and earliest of the multi-art Dredd epic stories, by Pat Mills, John Wagner, Mike McMahon, Brian Bolland. The start of a new range of B-format small paperback editions of classic Dredd tales at a bargain price.


John Wagner is the co-creator of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Ace Trucking Co. and Button Man, amongst many others, for 2000 AD, and his graphic novel A History of Violence has been adapted into a critically acclaimed film by David Cronenberg. Pat Mills is the creator and first editor of 2000 AD. For the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, he is the writer and co-creator of ABC Warriors, Finn, Flesh, Nemesis the Warlock and Slaine. He also developed Judge Dredd.


Rebellion, paperback, 160 pages, published February 2012

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