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Ju-On Volume 2


The bloody and vengeful grudge of Ju-On returns in this manga sensation from Japan! The landmark horror film franchise is captured in comics form, opening on a gruesome and tantalizing series of images from an operating room, a lightning storm, gory medical instruments, and a single witness to the scene and whatever lies on the table.

Cut to peaceful scenes of everyday life that are taking place in and around a familiar apartment complex. But what eerie presence sits just below the surface, itching to manifest itself and take out its deep-seated rage on innocents? What could have caused such hatred, and why is the spirit terrorizing again? The chilling answer to these questions is found in the pages of Ju-On Volume 2.

This is the manga adaptation of the horror movie that took Japan by storm, in English for the first time, featuring artwork from the artist of The Ring volumes 0, 2, and 4, based on the original writings of Takashi Shimizu.

Dark Horse, paperback, 136 pages, published July 2006



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