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Journey Into Mohawk Country

Early in the winter of 1634, a young Dutch trader sets out from a tiny outpost on the southern tip of Manhattan Island to explore the Iroquois country, where the powerful Mohawk tribe controlled the most important trade routes in the region. Twenty-three-year-old Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert and his friends travelled deep into what is now New York State, trading tools and weapons for food, shelter, and furs, and seeking to establish new tribal friendships that would strengthen the faltering Dutch trade.

Throughout the journey, Van den Bogaert kept a journal of their adventures, recording their fears, successes, and the terrible hardship of making such a journey in the depths of winter. Here is that journal, nearly four centuries later, in Van den Bogaert’s own words.

In Journey into Mohawk Country, George O’Connor’s passionate research and extraordinarily expressive illustrations bring this remarkable historical document to life. He skilfully draws upon the subtle hints and innuendoes of Van den Bogaert’s journal entries to lend a new level of richness, humour, and humanity to this long-forgotten episode in early American history. If you like this you should check out Scott Chantler's Northwest Passage.

First Second Books, paperback, 144 pages, published August 2006


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