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JLA Deluxe Edition Book 4 Hardcover

Grant Morrison
Frank Quitely

In this latest deluxe edition hardcover collecting JLA #34 and #36 to 41, plus JLA Classified #1 to 3, the team is up against a new, deadly Injustice Gang led by Lex Luthor. With Prometheus, the man who almost single-handedly defeated the JLA, as well as the General and Queen Bee, it looks as if the Justice League may lose even if they win.

This amazing new title also includes JLA: Earth II, featuring the art of Frank Quitely, in which Ultraman, Owlman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick rule an alternate earth without mercy or opposition. Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Howard Porter, John Dell, Drew Geraci, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines and Frank Quitely; features cover artwork by Howard Porter & John Dell.

DC, hardback, 368 pages, published November 2010




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