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Jimbo's Inferno Hardcover

Gary Panter
Gary Panter
Jimbo's Inferno is the hugely anticipated sequel - or prequel, as it was actually completed first - to the acclaimed Jimbo In Purgatory (which is receiving a new printing this month). In this oversize hardcover cloth-and-gold-finished volume, produced to the same exacting standards as 2004's Purgatory, Jimbo, accompanied by his trusty guide and ride Valise, visits Hell (here envisioned as a gigantic subterranean shopping mall called Focky Bocky), and in so doing runs across minotaurs, drug-addled punkettes, UFOs, giant robots, and more.

This Dante and Virgil-style Infernal tour leads him to such profound questions as, "Why do so many recreational activities involve smoke and heat?" Panter's wild Albrecht-Dürer-meets-Jack-Kirby graphics are wilder and more hallucinatory than ever, and given the full, expansive treatment they so richly deserve. As a homage/pastiche of Dante's immortal Divine Comedy it's up there with Larry Niven's Inferno in my opinion.

Fantagraphics, hardback 40 pages, published March 2006


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