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Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files : War Cry Hardcover Signed Ed

Jim Butcher
Carlos Gomez
An original graphic novel, set in official canon with the ongoing Dresden Files novel series, created exclusively for comics!  A war is raging between the vampire forces of the Red Court and the White Council – a war that the wizards are losing. So desperate are the Council that they've dragooned the experienced and the outcast to reinforce their thinning ranks of Wardens. One of these draftees is one Harry Dresden, Chicago's only wizard-for-hire and a guy who's long been looked upon with suspicion by the supernatural authorities. Now, he's one of them, and his first big mission as a Warden is a doozy: take a small team of greenhorns to a frigid town in the middle of nowhere to rescue a handful of mortals who've been targeted by the Red Court. 
The question is, why exactly are these particular mortals so crucial to the outcome of the war? The answer will come only if Harry can keep them, and his team, alive for one very long night. This graphic novel collects the critically acclaimed five-issue series in one volume, and features a bonus section with Jim Butcher's original story outline, sketchbook artwork from Carlos Gomez, cover gallery with roughs from Stjepan Sejic, and more! Written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers, with art by Carlos Gomez and a cover from Stjepan Sejic. A limited edition collectible featuring an autograph by celebrated fantasy author and Dresden Files creator, Jim Butcher! 
Dynamite, hardback, 136 pages, published December 2014 






Dresden Files


Signed edition

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