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Jetta Rate

Dan DeCarlo
Dan DeCarlo
 This tribute book to Dan DeCarlo reprints the very hard to find classic 1950s stories of Jetta, teenage sweetheart of the 21st century. Now you can cherish the innocence of this golden age era as the original three issues have been restored.

Jetta is a typical teenage girl with school and boy problems… In a century populated by space ships, anti-grav belts and jetmobiles!. This book also contains and all-new eight page adventure of Jetta by Chris Yambar and Richard Maurizio. In a way it is very reminiscent of a futuristic (now retro-future of course) version of his beloved Archie comics.

Bill Morrison provides a stunning painted cover based on the original Jetta #6. Part of the proceeds from this tribute book will go to Don's widow Josie (inspiration for Josie and the Pussycats). How the future used to look.

Airwave Comics, paperback, 80 pages, published March 2006


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