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Jane Austen : Blood Persuasion

 It is 1810, and just as Jane Austen is penning her greatest masterpieces, old Undead friends become new neighbors and raise hell in her tranquil village. The Damned are out of favor and have been banished from polite society just in time to interrupt Jane's work and her peace of mind. Instead of writing, she has to deal with a niece who flirts dangerously with vampires, a formerly respectable spinster friend who discovers the joys of fornication with the Damned (and borrows Jane's precious silk stockings for her assignations), murderous creatures haunting the village's peaceful lanes, a civil war between the Damned, the return of her vampire characteristics, and a former lover who plans to blame her for his broken heart for all eternity. It's measuring up to be a busy year for the productive Jane.

Author: Janet Mullany


Avon Press, paperback, 304 pages, published October 2011



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