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Jack Hightower

Will Vinton
Fabio Laguna
Secret agent Jack Hightower was at the height of his career when something BIG happened. Now the world-class uber-operative and infamous ladies man is seeing things from a whole new perspective … a very, very different perspective, to say the least. Tall, daring, and handsome, Jack had it all - a stellar career, beautiful women, and more power and influence than he could shake a supermodel at.

But despite it all, Jack longed for one thing that eluded him - the capture of his long-time arch-nemesis, Dr. Litigious Savant. On the fateful night when Jack's dream of cornering the elusive Savant is realized, things go terribly, dreadfully wrong, and Jack gets cut down to size by one of the doctor's insidious inventions … the size of your average action figure, to be exact.

Will Vinton is the animation pioneer who developed and trademarked the Claymation® process while creating some of the most innovative three-dimensional animation in history. Early in his career, Will won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film for Closed Mondays, a clay animated short. He went on to create, direct, and produce a number of the best-known animated characters in the world including The California Raisins and the Red and Yellow CGI M&Ms. Will also produced the television series The PJ's for The WB as well as Gary and Mike for UPN.

Dark Horse, trade paperback, 112 pages, published January 2007


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