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Iron Man : Revenge of the Mandarin Premiere Hardcover Cover A

Kurt Busiek
Sean Chen

Out of his armour — but never out of options! Tony Stark’s day begins when he and the Avengers take on the Mandarin’s Dragon of Heaven in Russia. Then, he joins the Fantastic Four to fight Kree crusader Ronan the Accuser on the moon. When he learns that if his enemies don’t kill him, his armour will, he does his Golden Avenging via remote control — but someone else is waiting to control him and the armour both!

Villain after villain strike in a wave of warfare, and a secret-identity crisis threatens to fracture one of Marveldom’s oldest friendships! Guest starring Captain America, the Black Widow, Warbird and once-and-future War Machine James Rhodes! Collecting Iron Man (1998) #8-14, Iron Man/Captain America Annual ’98 and Fantastic Four (1998) #15, written by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, Mark Waid & Chris Claremont, pencilled by Sean Chen, Patrick Zircher & Salvador Larroca, with a cover by Sean Chen.

Marvel, hardback, 256 pages, published August 2012


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