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Invisibles 7 - The Invisible Kingdom

Grant Morrison
Jill Thompson

For countless millennia the world has been subjected to an all-encompassing apocalyptic conspiracy. Through clandestine movements, a sinister secret organization has been creating a hypnotic state of conformity and control through their manipulation of the government, business, and entertainment industry.

But from the shadows, a subversive group of anarchists called the Invisibles have opposed their plot and looked to create self-awareness and freedom through disobedience. Now with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance, the secret freedom fighting cult make their final rebellious stand in the war of control versus chaos.

The final, massive volume of grant Morrison's magnum comics opus . A 288-page trade paperback reprinting all twelve issues of the third volume of The Invisibles. Artists include Frank Quitely, , Jill Thompson, Philip Bond, Warren Pleece and even one page of pencils by Morrison himself!

DC, paperback, 288 pages, published December 2002


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