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Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume 3 HC

Collecting the formative issues in the growing of Invincible as a superhero. This volume collects Invincible’s violent battle with the villainous Angstrom Levy, his reunion with his estranged father and the bloody battle with the Viltrumites. This is a can’t-miss for any Invincible fan and a perfect addition to any bookshelf. Written by one of the best writers in contemporary comics, Robert Kirkman, with art and cover by Ryan Ottley and Bill Crabtree; collects Invincible #25 - 35 along with loads of extras.

I love this series – it takes many of the clichés from decades of superhero comics then Kirkman twists them into strange new shapes and leads us off on odd paths. If you’ve been getting a bit jaded with superhero comics try Invincible and feel your love rekindled.

Image, hardback, 336 pages, published September 2007



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