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Invincible Iron Man Volume 8 : Unfixable

Matt Fraction

Why should Tony Stark be the one to benefit from all of his technology? What right does Stark have to keep his miracles to himself? Dock Ock demands answers -- and salvation -- from Iron Man. To get Tony Stark's attention, Dr. Octopus serves him notice with a 21-kiloton nuclear device. To force Stark's compliance, he threatens to kill millions of Manhattanites. And to prove Stark's inferiority, he has one impossible request: fix the unfixable.

Collecting Invincible Iron Man issues #501 to 502 and material from #503, Free Comic Book Day 2010: Iron Man/Thor, and Rescue #1, written by Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConnick, pencilled by Salvador Larroca, John Romita Jr. & Andrea Mutti, with cover artwork by Salvador Larroca.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published February 2012


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