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Invincible Iron Man Volume 7 : My Monsters

Matt Fraction

Tony Stark is back on his feet with Stark Resilient, a new company dedicated to bringing free, clean energy to the world — and that’s just the start. But that kind of bold move naturally attracts enemies — and with a spy planted in his company by rival Justine Hammer, Tony can’t afford to make any mistakes. Unfortunately, distractions abound — including a left-wing anarchist cult’s theft of Stark technology and the Mandarin’s omnipresent shadow — and Tony faces long odds to keep from making those mistakes.

Does the corporate saboteur have him right where he wants him? Collecting Invincible Iron Man issues #500, 500.1, Annual #1 and material from #503, written by Matt Fraction, pencilled by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Nathan Fox, Kano, Salvador Larroca & Howard Chaykin, with cover artwork by Salvador Larroca.

Marvel, paperback, 168 pages, published October 2011


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