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Invaders Classic Volume 4

Roy Thomas
Alan Kupperberg

The Invaders return to New York just in time to aid the Liberty Legion against the deadly Iron Cross! Then, with the Kid Commandos, the Invaders face the deadly Super-Axis - Lady Lotus, U-Man, Baron Blood, Master Man, and Warrior Woman! Then see the Invaders and their allies battle the Battle-Axis, a group of former heroes who have turned Nazi!

Witness the continuing adventures of the greatest heroes of World War II, in both their ongoing series from 1975, and their 1993 limited series! Captain America! The Human Torch! The Sub-Mariner! The Whizzer! Miss America! Patriot! Thin Man! Jack Frost! Red Raven! Blue Diamond! Bucky! Toro! Golden Girl! Human Top! Union Jack! Spitfire! Aarkus the Vision! The Blazing Skull! The Silver Scorpion, and more!

With surprise appearances by Nick Fury and the Yellow Claw! And a look back at the villainous days of the X-Men’s Dr. Nemesis! Collecting Invaders (1975) #35 to 41 and Invaders (1993) #1 to 4, written by Roy Thomas & Don Glut, pencilled by Alan Kupperberg & Dave Hoover, with a cover by Alan Kupperberg.

Marvel, paperback, 248 pages, published July 2010


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