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Interiorae 2

There’s few days left until Christmas; the characters from the apartment complex introduced in the first issue continue to casually cross and meet, as the ghostly rabbit follows and observes them, reporting back to his shadowy master in the basement.


Chiara goes to work and Marco spies on her with his binoculars. Nico plays at home, while his mother, Giulia, chats and smokes with her friends. Lorenzo steals his mother’s earrings to buy some dope and get high. The children of the ghost family play in the garden.


Meanwhile Angela, the old woman, is excited at her new project: She sends Irina to the library to pick up some book about hallucinatory mushrooms and peyote. She repeatedly phones her nephew, a research worker living and working in the USA. She’s has plans involving the rabbit and his master. Is it possible to somehow guide the hallucinations?...


Fantagraphics Ignatz Series, 32 pages, saddle-stitched comic book format with jackets, published November 2006


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