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Insomnia #3

Matt Broersma
Matt Broersma
It's a time of endings for the Ignatzes, as all three volumes published this month complete their respective series: Insomnia, New Tales of Old Palomar, and (appropriately) The End. (Don't worry, there's plenty more Ignatz releases in the hopper, just not these particular titles).

Anyway, in the conclusion to Matt Broersma's noir triptych: Miles Anderson lives in a safe, predictable world defined by his job as an LA television producer, his affairs with girls from the office and the shopping trips of his beautiful wife, Elena. Then, one evening, Elena disappears. Is she off on another trip? With a man? In mortal danger? As the days pass, and the suspense mounts, Miles Anderson's search for answers leads him instead deeper and deeper into an abyss of mystery, until at last he's forced to confront the unthinkable...

Fantagraphics Ignatz series, 32 pages, saddle-stitched comic book format with jackets, published November 2007


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