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Insiders Volume 3 : the Afghan Trap

Renaud Garreta

Captured by neo-Taliban tribesmen along with French businessman Cordez, Najah is taken to Pashtun territory. Sam Nachez is looking for her and French Intelligence are looking for Cordez, but none of them know precisely who took her or why. Nor do they know that Najah isn't one to miss an opportunity to escape. Chance encounters, tribal politics, international finance - the justifications for Project Insider keep piling up, as do the threats to its only agent.

Jean-Claude Bartoll was an investigative journalist for press agencies such as Gamma TV and Sygma TV. He has investigated drug trafficking in Colombia, the slave trade in the Dominican Republic, and European mercenaries in Africa, among other human, political and financial issues around the world. Along with writing the Insiders series, he is also a filmmaker and has adapted comics for TV. Renaud Garetta has drawn the successful series Fox One.


Cinebook, paperback, 48 pages, published october 2010


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