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Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath


Jim Starlin’s Infinity saga continues here! After defeating Thanos, Adam Warlock won possession of the Infinity Gauntlet - and absolute power! Can the most powerful being in the universe be convinced to give up the Gauntlet? And who can be trusted with even a portion of its awesome abilities? Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer races to destroy Thanos’ shrine to Death - but first he must contend with the Collector, onetime owner of an Infinity Gem, and face his darkest fears!

Plus: Discover the fate of Thanos’ daughter, Nebula! Don’t miss the stories bridging Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War! Guest-starring the original Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Thor, the Inhumans and an army of cosmic forces!

Collecting Silver Surfer (1987) issues #60 to 66, Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #36, Warlock & The Infinity Watch #1 to 6 and material from Silver Surfer Annual #5, written by Ron Marz, Roy & Dann Thomas & Jim Starlin, pencilled by Ron Lim, Steve Carr, Deryl Skelton, Dan Lawlis, Angel Medina, Rick Leonardi & Katl Altstaetter, with cover artwork by Angel Medina.

Marvel, paperback, 352 pages, published September 2013


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