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Uncanny X-Force : Final Execution Book 1 Premiere Hardcover

Rick Remender
Mike McKone

The Omegas vs. Uncanny X-Force - the battle begins! Who is this new team, and what is their grudge with X-Force? Meanwhile, Psylocke visits an old friend at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but what she finds may shock her to the core! Then, what’s left of X-Force goes up against the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!

Plus: X-Force land themselves somewhere you’ve never seen them, and a new member joins the team as Fantomex’s deceptions come back to haunt them! Collecting Uncanny X-Force issues #25 to 29, written by Rick Remender, pencilled by Mike McKone, Phil Noto, Julian Totino Tedesco, featuring cover artwork from Jerome Opena.

Marvel, hardback, 120 pages, published October 2012

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