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X-Force Volume 2 : Old Ghosts

Craig Kyle

The squad is catapulted into action when the lethal Legacy Virus goes missing, threatening the lives of every mutant on the planet. Wolverine and the young X-23 must attempt to hold the team together as the brutal, damaged histories of Wolfsbane and Archangel threaten to tear everything apart, starting with each other.

Meanwhile, clouds are gathering on the horizon, as the mutant-hating cyborg Bastion places many of the X-Men's greatest threats back into positions of power, spewing the same anti-mutant rhetoric for which they were once known. To protect the future of mutantkind, the members of X-Force must deal with all of their old ghosts.

Collecting X-Force issues #7 to 11, written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, pencilled by Mike Choi, Sonia Oback, Alina Urusov and Clayton Crain, with cover art by Mike Choi.

Marvel, hardback, 120 pages, published August 2009

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